SSS Warrior Cats Fan Animation Episode 3 part 2

Part 2! Click here to see part 1: Well, here it is, part 2 of episode 3. Phew! FINALLY FINISHED THIS EPISODE. It was quite a lot. We're happy with the way it turned out and hope you enjoy it as well ^^ And before everyone asks, yes there will be more! Episode 4 is already in the early makings, and by that I mean it's just some words and a few doodles but soon enough it shall start coming together ^^ Thanks for your patience and loyalty! ~SSS team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Credits- -Directed by- Wanton Aluri Yuji -Co-directed by- Aluri Wanton -Animation- Yuji Wanton Aluri Zing -Inbetweening/Coloring- Aluri Wanton Neko Rizusaur Felca Ridomesu Dragonwolfrooke Pokemonlover5673 Faustina A. Shiny -Voices- Firepaw - Faustina A. Greypaw - Jerrymojo2 Backup Greypaw - Aluri Longtail - Nick Bluestar - ArthurKOreSama Spottedleaf - Pokemonlover5673 Ravenpaw - TheAmer117 [Amer] Tigerclaw - TheGoldCrow Whitestorm - Fallout Kat Sandpaw - Keely Mousefur - Aluri Darkstripe - Kurbatz Runningwind - Dogdig -Crowd Cat Voices- Aluri Wanton Muffin Wes1234 Mooncat Vixy Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r Dogdig Pokemonlover5673 Faustina A. TheAmer117 [Amer] -Background Artists- Yuji Inu HMdragon Aluri -Editing and Sounds-Wanton -Music- (Intro) DN Angel - Truelight (Japanese version) Naruto - The Rising Fighting Spirit World of warcraft soundtrack - battle World of warcraft soundtrack - A call to arms Naruto - Main theme Phoenix Wright 1 - Allegro 2011 World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Arthus my son Digimon Adventure 02 OST #48 - Yogiru Fuan Angel Beats OST Track 36 - Anxiety Sword Art Online OST - Everyday Life JerryTerry - A Solemn Piano Interlude (Credits) fan sung Butterflyidentity: DN Angle - Truelight (English version) -Programs Used- Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Special thanks again to: Yuji, Rosi and Zing Though they're not on the project anymore, they started the SSS series and have done a wonderful job animating it thus far. Their skill and experience helped us get to know the ropes when we were ready to take over. We hope you enjoy the rest of the series and hope it lives up to what you expect from SSS animations."


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Coeur d'Ivoire
  • 1. Coeur d'Ivoire (site web) | 29/12/2013
Lune Jaune ! Savait tu que les épisodes de lgdc en français sont disponibles sur le compte youtube de "laguerredesclansfrench"
Oui, quelqu'un m'avait envoyé un message pour me prévenir, et j'ai oublié de les mettre. Merci de m'y avoir fait pensé :3
Coeur d Ivoire
  • 3. Coeur d Ivoire (site web) | 05/01/2014
De rien ;))
Coeur d Ivoire
  • 4. Coeur d Ivoire (site web) | 05/01/2014
Attend j'y pense, Aluriya a sortit l'épisode 1 de la prophétie d'étoile bleue, laguerredesclansfrench commence a faire les casting, il sera bientôt en français!!
Oui, c'est vrai, c'est cool ^^
J'avais oublié de mettre La prophétie d'Etoile Bleue d'Aluriya, du coup de l'ai ajouté, merci tu m'y as fait penser :3
  • 6. Oeil2zenith | 14/12/2014
Est-ce que ca continue apres ? je les ai tous regardés

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