episode 2 part 3f - SSS Warrior cats fan animation

Thank you so much for finishing episode 2 and I wish you enjoy it.

firstly I want to thank many people who helped me or tried to help me out during this period of time. a few voice actors had a hard time due to exams and real life works and for a few I had to use the spare actors but I'll remember you guys, and I wish your are doing greatly in both your school and works.
a few other friends are advisers and criticizers, I took some advises and ignored some due to being stubborn, and sometimes I know I had been rude. but I do appreciate those time when I think back, it's an expereince for me and I should learn to accept more as I get more experienced, and yer I should learn my lesson one day if I under estimate any good advises I got told.
Thanks for a few friends made me those logos that i put in the beginning of part 1, they look nice there.
Thanks for a few friends simply be there to keep me company and provide me a few good tunes.
And thanks to my real life friends, TJ and Ray, letting me their games and motivate me big time, I wish TJ get his Dragon animation complete eventually and Ray get the animation studio base set up tight in London (also good luck to Leo and a bunch of artistic friends/ enemy in London).
Also great thanks to my girl who introduced me the warrior cats, my pets keeping me alive, and Zing who helped me big deal.

Ok done.
If I don't you guys I'll have nothing done, so big THANK YOU everyone!!!


here are a few links to friend Zing's FAQ and hopefully have answered a few of your questions:

here is a link to a FAQ page I wrote:

here are a few extra FAQ:
Q: Why some parts of the animation are different from the the book?
A: I will not make the story different from the book so don't worry. I don't really want to make the animation EXACTLY the same (every words and lines) as in the book because I want to keep both the animation and the book fresh to audiences who have and haven't read the warriors books. I have to understand that I'm animating the oldest book of the series and it can't be boring to many of you who have already read it several times. Also I wish it to be inspiring, so people who watch the animation might wonder what is there in the book, and yes, go and a copy for yourself! become a fan of the series it's good. make your own arts and series!

Q: Are you working with the author?
A: Haha naa. I'm just an animation student struggling to build art career, nothing too big.

Q: What if I want to do voice for a character?
A: There might be a queue though and as you might know already we animate very slow because there are only 2 or 3 animators here ^^lll but if you are somehow interested, please contact Zing, if you send to me I'll forward you to Zing so might just contact her. You can find her DA on the SSSwarriorcats account homepage. thanks.

Q: what might be different in next episode?
A: there won't be shading, it took too much time, I didn't listen to Zing and insist shading for 2nd episode and it was frustrating. I'll find a way that make the image look nature without shading so it should be alright : p I think that is really.

if you feel like to contact me, you can e-mail me, because I rarely have time to log in. usually Zing or Digi would log in for me. you can find my e-mail and Zing's DA page in the homepage of SSSwarriorcats account.

Brief credits for your reference:
Original Warrior Cats book series
Erin Hunter

Warrior Cats book official website

Fan animation director


Coloring/ Shading
Chris/ Tail 230

Rusty Kou Rwr/ gingajinketsukoushi
Whitestorm John Rohrer
Lionheart Stephen
Bluestar Shannon
Longtail Nick
Smudge Chris
Greypaw Jerrymojo2
Cat Crowds

SSSWarriorcats Forum by Kai/ Splotcat

Truelight - theme for DNAngel
Inuyasha Instrumental Music 4 - Miki Watanab
Storm - the Yoshida Brothers
Untitled - Royalty Free
MonkeyBirds - Iain Ballamy
Kamimi Festival - Okami Soundtrack
D-Technolife - Uverworld
Ending song- Tsuki Senichiya

Love Warriors


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