episode 1 part 2 - SSS Warrior cats fan animation

*** please turn the speaker down a little before greypaw appear o o*** there is a sound problem there. I'll avoid it in the rest of the episodes.

oh yer. Graypaw and Greypaw, sorry about that, didn't realize it in subtitles. will try be careful in later episodes.

weird the artist comment was not shown ^^ll but it's ok. I'll type it again.
so ya! i have done a lot these months, really a lot! and achieved new things, made new friends. i'm happy : ) !
i'll write more in the submission of epi 1 part 3 f. i'll do that in a mins.

love warriors ! ^_^

FQA. questions i recieved many times...

Q. what program I use to animate?
A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect.

Q. are you a guy or a girl?
A. I am a guy.


la guerre des clans lgdc warriors cats fan animation rusty nuage feu

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