WOTF Scourge AMV - Bones Shatter

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It's another Warriors of the Forest AMV! This one has the song "Bones Shatter" by Hedley. (intro song is "?? (tsukigami) ~Artemis~ " by Vasalla) PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY otherwise it is very blurry, -.-'

I've had several people ask about why this song isn't on iTunes; actually, it IS, but the iTunes people made a typo and called it "Bone Shatter"! So, now you should be able to find it! ^^

And no, I don't use an animation program that animates for me. I have to draw each individual frame and run them together quickly for the illusion of movement.

You can see a non-compressed version of this file on my website under "Warriors of the Forest".


This one centers around the battle between Scourge and Firestar at the end of The Darkest Hour. It was a lot of hard work! But I like how it came out in the end.

I know that Scourge is not how he is depicted in the Manga, but I have not read that yet. I drew him how I always saw him.

I realize that I left out or played down many key points in the battle but the length of the song just couldn't allow for it. Plus, it is an AMV about Scourge and Firestar, and I wanted to focus on them mainly. But you can find Bone in 2 images! :)

Lots of the backgrounds in this one were drawn by me. Some were live action with effects.

Parts of Uber-Difficulty (For me):

Sequence at 1:15
Sequence at 2:59

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