Scourge-Nageki No Mori (200+ Subs!)

EDIT: Wow...this got kinda a lot of views. XD (By my standards, anyway.) This is kinda old now though...I keep rewatching this and thinking 'I can do way better now'. =P Still...I really liked this idea...I'm thinking I might redo this one day when I get a lot better at drawing/animating, just for fun if I ever run out of ideas for new things...maybe...? X3 /edit over

Whoo! It's finally done! That took about 2 weeks longer than I expected to finish. XP

Btw, at 0:24 it says "Those savages are a SCOURGE on the name of all good cats."
Sorry it's so hard to read. -_-

To my subscribers: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! If I had enough cookies, I would give one to each of you! n_n

Thanks for all of the nice comments too. =)

Note: I haven't actually read the Rise of Scourge. I got all my info from my friends, other videos, and Wikipedia. So if I missed any small details, please don't bug me about it. =P

Song: Nageki no Mori
Book Series: Warrior Cats/ Rise of Scourge.

Programs used: Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Windows Movie Maker



Deep in the forest of sorrow, the cicadas cry.

It was a perfectly fine day, until I breathed in the cold breeze.
Suddenly, in that instant, the clock's needle stopped.

One way cannot return twice.
A lost child looks for a bright place.

For those who are changing and those who desire to change
Come here and pass through.

Someone is crying, but from where?
Slowly and quietly, go take a peek.
Good night children, be good and sleep
Those who don't will be dragged down by hands.

Beneath the moon, is that blue shadow casted by a tree?
When you hear a lullaby on this path
The festival will begin
And the flames will disappear once again.

Deep in the forest of sorrow...the cicadas cry...


scourge warriors étoile la guerre des clans lgdc feu fléau firestar

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Commentaires (6)

  • 1. Tourbillon-D-Ecume | 19/04/2014
je viens de comprendre,dans le livre "la prophetie d'Etoile Bleu", le chaton qu'a attaqué nuage de Tigre ( Etoile de tigre ) n'est personne autre que Fléau lorsqu'il etait tout petit
a 43s, on peut voir Etoile bleu a droite, Nuage de Tigre au milieu et Griffe d'Epine a gauche. Est-ce cela ??
Oui c'est ça ;)
Poussière d'étoile
  • 3. Poussière d'étoile | 09/08/2014
C'est magnifique.
  • 4. pleinelune | 26/11/2014
C'est trop triste, je comprend pourquoi il est devenu méchant
  • 5. OrageNocturne | 01/01/2015
Mais... Mais.... Il est trop mignon !!!!!
  • 6. NuagedeFeu | 06/01/2015
A la fin il fait presque pitié ...

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