Battle with Bloodclan (animation)

Major spoilers for book 6 of 'Warriors' ahead! This is the Battle with Bloodclan in the end of book 6 'The darkest hour' I spent very much time on this but got lazy in the end. Oh and the end isn't like the actual book xD. My warriors character Nightclaw safes Scourge from being killed by Firestar yay. I hope you like it.
Music is Beethoven Virus.
Warrirs is erin hunters
animation is mine =3


scourge warriors animation étoile la guerre des clans lgdc feu fléau firestar

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  • 1. petite-rose | 07/03/2014
génial j'adore le moment avec les 4 chefs
  • 2. BriseduMatin | 15/04/2015
Qui est le chat à 1:02 ?

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