WOTF Bluestar's Prophecy AMV - Gravity of Love

This is a tribute animation I made for the book Bluestar's Prophecy by Erin Hunter; my favorite Warriors book. :)

Song: Gravity of Love by Enigma
Time taken: 5 months
Animated with: Corel Painter X, Final Cut Express

This one was a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy with it in the end. :) I tried to take all the major events from Bluestar's Prophecy and mash them into one 5 minute video... x__x

(I'm telling you... I'm NEVER animating snow again! xD)

The inspiration for this AMV came from a Lion King video I watched in Grade 4, using this same song. It moved me so much, I knew I had to create something with "Gravity of Love", and so here we are, 6 years later. :)

About 2/3rds of the way through the video, I began to use a tablet. I'm not sure if the change in art is obvious....

Well, I hope you enjoy it. Please rate, comment and subscribe! :)

EDIT: Since so many people are asking... Here's a guide of all the background cats in the video.

2:22 (Left to right) Crowtail, Foxheart, Archeye
2:59 (Left to right) Featherwhisker, Whitepaw, Adderfang, Thistleclaw, Rosetail.
3:03 Sunstar
3:13 (L to R) Mistykit, Mosskit, Stonekit

I hope that answers your questions. ^^"


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Commentaires (8)

  • 1. petite-rose | 27/02/2014
sa vie est si triste
  • 2. Feuille--De--Lune | 29/05/2014
c'est vrai...
  • 3. fleurdelaube07 | 09/07/2014
C'est super triste
  • 4. OrageNocturne | 17/11/2014
Je suis tombé amoureuse de cette chanson ! ♪ Gravityyyyyy of looooooooove ♪
  • 5. pleinelune | 20/11/2014
c trop horrible sa vie quand sa mère, sa sœur et petite ecume meurent
  • 6. S0leil | 01/01/2015
Love * 1000 !!
  • 7. S0leil | 01/01/2015
Love * 1000 !!
  • 8. Fleur-de-Cerisier | 22/02/2015
Ah merci a Alikatnya pour cette superbe vidéo ! Que de talent !
Je connais cette vidéo depuis longtemps mais c'est toujours un plaisir de la revoir.
En plus j'ai découvert la magnifique musique de Gravity of Love de Enigma, je ne peux plus m'en passer x).

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