Bluestars Prophecy Prologue

this is kinda old already LOL and terrible

And it was rushed! see guys, this is what you get for rushing an aluri! /shot

A lot of stuff went wrong while making this. For example I lost half of my files, AND half of my motivation to continue. Yet I DID start over, while I didnt really have time for it. But here it is. Half finished or not.Its mising a lot of sounds and the dog chase scene is sadly.. well the music is too late. It went really well with the animation but yeah it got messy. Alright wheee.

So yeah, no critiques, I didn't exactly put my heart and soul into this. ^^; I never animated dogs like this before, as in actually FINISHING it. Blarfg

Credits at the end. I forgot to add but Fireheart was played by AMER / KWAH. sorry for forgetting ya D:"


warriors la guerre des clans lgdc

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