Bluestar's Prophecy - Episode 1

Black part flashing through the entire video? Colors messed up / weird lines through it? And the audio thats a bit behind on the first part? Yeah thanks Windows Media Player, Why not mess up ffs. Unfortunately this is something that cant be helped. My computer isnt the best thing to render stuff with. D: Commenting about it is pretty pointless because I can't fix it. I'm going to have friends help me out to render the future episodes, because my computer can't take it. But for now we'll have to deal with this.

And here it finally is. Ive done NOTHING ELSE than editing this, re-rendering cause things went wrong ALL day, and now I'm sick of it :BB

Its been around a year when I started this I think? I quit, then picked it up eventually. Ive been busy with ssswarriorcats and my own portfolio, so this didn't have the highest priority.

Fun fact is the first part (obviously rough and rushed part) was done BEFORE I even started working on the prologue. So its REALLY old heh. Shiny also did some animation somewhere in the middle, can you see the different styles? Hehe. I'm glad I got some help with this. I had Sorena, Dogdig and Dawn help me with coloring and Dawn even helped inbetweening stuff. It really helped me get more motivated for this, that I didn't have to do it alone heh. xD You can probably see the animation getting better towards the end, as the animation at the end is smoother and more recent.

For episode 2 the animation should be smoother with more effort. Half of this is rushed and old, but episode 2 should be better.

The intro also had it's re-touch, but its going to change even more, I just didn't have time to change it for now. Faustina also re-sang it and I added some background voices. Woooh!

Unfortunately there are some errors with the first part. For first the audio is off by a bit, but I'm NOT going to render it again. Then on the second part there seems to be a background glitch, but it shouldnt be too bad.

Intro song by the amazing Faustina AKA Bluekit!

Credits are in the ending video made by Dawn! THanks again! :DD"


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Commentaires (5)

  • 1. Bellatrix06 | 02/06/2014
Trop bien!Une vidéo sur mon hors-série préféré!
  • 2. Bellatrix06 | 02/06/2014
Trop cool!Une vidéo sur mon hors série préféré!
  • 3. Bellatrix06 | 06/06/2014
Ah zut j'ai publié deux fois le même commentaire!
Pas grave ;)
feuille de houx
  • 5. feuille de houx (site web) | 28/02/2015
pourrai t-il y avoir un suite svp

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